Eau de Vie

Award-winning Artisan Distillery

unique agricultural spirits of the Caribbean

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Eau de Vie
  • Mango Eau de Vie

    Silver Medal 2019, 350ml, 39% / Vol

  • Banana Eau de Vie

    350ml, 39% / Vol

  • Breadfruit Eau de Vie

    Gold Medal 2019, 350ml, 39% / Vol

Our Eau de Vie are distilled from pure fruits without any flavoring or added sugar. A tropical bouquet experience and very pleasant on the finish with the natural notes of the fruit. 


Taro Vodka

Silver Medal 2019 and 2020, 500 ml, 40% / Vol

An “old style” Vodka produced from Dasheen, obtained from several distillations, with finishing notes of the root and a subtle sweetness.


Five Finger, distilled Dry Gin

Silver Medal 2020, 500 ml, 40% / Vol

A base alcohol from Star Fruit, re-distilled with our selection of local aromatic botanicals and Juniper.
A daring interpretation

Our Liqueurs
  • Creme de Sorrel

    A sweet liqueur in the classification of “Creme de“, with the essence of the plant enhanced with traditional spices.

    500ml, 17% / Vol

  • Cocoa “Schnapps“

    Dark chocolate essence extracted from local cocoa beans, refined into a well-structured and rich liqueur.

    500 ml, 20% / Vol