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Caribbean Craft Distilling

About Us

This would be where you get a “story’, or some historic account of a business’s milestones. Unfortunately, we aren’t that good at stories. However, what we are good at, is transforming locally sourced fruits and tubers into well rounded, sophisticated, unique Spirits.


Caribbean Craft Distilling was established in 2015 on the beautiful Island of Saint Lucia, “The Helen of the West”. After many tests, trials and dare we say errors, we became the first Micro Distillery in the Caribbean. With our initiative to make use of underutilized crops, we source and purchase all of our fruits, tubers and botanicals locally. They are used to produce agricultural Vodka, Gin and seasonal pure tropical fruit distillates such as Fruit brandy / Edelbrände or Eau de Vie de Fruits.


Truly Hand Crafted, Mangoes, Bananas, Breadfruit, Guava, Carambola and Dasheen are traditionally processed and carefully batch distilled in our Copper and Stainless Stills. Each bottle captures some of the true tropical essence of Saint Lucia. Every bottle helps support the livelihood of the families from around the island who supply us with their crops.


The success of these products has already earned us multiple awards on the international level and we look forward to winning a few more, as well as the hearts of those who try our products.

Unrivalled taste

What we offer

seasonal batch distillation

pure distillates produced without artificial ingredients

private labeling